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The four Derbyshire CCGs have made a decision that routine prescribing of gluten-free food products is not recommended

The rationale for this decision is:-

Historically, availability of gluten free foods was limited, therefore obtaining these products from community pharmacies via prescriptions improved access to them. With the increased awareness of coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity as well as a general trend towards eating less gluten, these products are now much more widely available. All major supermarkets and many other retailers now commonly stock gluten free foods as well as other special diet alternatives both online and in-store. Furthermore, improved food labelling now means people are able to see whether ordinary food products are free from gluten and can be safely eaten.

The price paid by the NHS for gluten free foods on prescription is much higher than the supermarket prices available to the public.

They acknowledge that gluten free food products are often more expensive than their gluten containing equivalents but the price difference is not as wide as it once was. It is also possible to eat a gluten free diet that follows the Eatwell Guide model for balanced eating without the need for any specialist dietary foods, simply by choosing naturally gluten free carbohydrate containing foods (e.g. rice and potatoes) as part of a healthy balanced diet.



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